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How to choose a good floodlight?

2023 - 04 - 12

The End-User usually has a question about how to choose a good floodlight. As a professional manufacturer in this field for 16 years, MINGXING LIGHTING offers some suggestions for your reference.

First of all, It is necessary to select a reliable company. Usually the reliable company has good management to ensure the product quality.

Second, check and ensure the information is complete in outer package and user manual, or certificate, test report, such as model No., rated voltage, rated power, production date, brand, etc.

Next, light up the floodlight and confirm the lumination is comfortable, and it is not flashing, not too shining, and there is no blue color.

And then, check whether or not the outer body is with good structure for fast heat dissipation. Usually ribbed design has better heat dissipation.

Fifth, check the IP grade and check the actual leakproofness is nice or not. Higher IP grade has better leakproofness.

Finally, check whether or not the power supply cord is with certificate. A reliable power supply cord is necessary and It shouldn’t be too thin.

Have you benefited from this after reading? For more information, welcome to contact us and MINGXING LIGHTING will be your faithful parter.